Quitting is hard. I’m not talking about quiting illicit drugs or cigarettes, or even alcohol (because those I’m sure are unimaginably hard!). I’m talking about straight up coffee. ugggh. Have you have had a caffeine addiction followed by a withdraw? Holy ouch!

While I’m on this journey to conceive our first little one, there are several lifestyles changes I know I need. I hear so much about how your body needs to be in tip top shape….and let me tell you, I have some WORK to do! Along with my caffeine addiction, I need to get into some sort of shape, other then round. Ok maybe not round, but all this talk about how you need to be strong and gear your body up for a “marathon like” ordeal,  scares me, since I get winded carrying a basket of laundry on my hip running up a flight of stairs……

So now that we are seeing someone about conceiving, it’s incredibly exciting to think, that any month could be THEE month! So, to put it politely, I need to get my shit together. I need to cut all the junk food out of my diet, I need to get on a healthy game plan for eating, i need to do so much! so to help keep me organized, and accountable, I have started a list for the stage I am in right now. If you have any thing to add to my list, please don’t be shy, and let me know!

First thing is first. Find an OBGYN who is nice. Actually, I found one. I thought I didn’t need to see one until I became pregnant, but let me tell you, am I EVER glad we did. We had our first preconception consult this week, which you can read about from the previous post. If you are ttc (trying to conceive), and haven’t done this…I HIGHLY recommend this! That way you can also get started finding your perfect Dr.

2. Go to the Dentist. I know this sounds weird, but everything I googled, says to do it…so I’m just hopping on the bandwagon for this one.

3. Ween myself off Caffeine/coffee. Oh… my god… the Migraines! Have you ever tried cold turkey from caffeine?! I work swing shift and midnight shifts….coffee is my vice! I honestly…don’t know what I am going to do. Every time I try and quit, I lay in bed for days. The Dr. told me to cut down to one cup a day…so here I go!

4. Find Pre-natal vitamins that don’t make me sick. So far…I am on the Flintstones vitamins which will work while TTC, but I have to find a prenatal once I see two pretty pink lines!( hopefully sooner than later!) Any advice on this one?

5. Relax. Advice I hate the saying most right now “Relax and it will happen“… have you ever wanted a job SO bad and didn’t go out for the interview?! It feels like, if I don’t actively keep trying, that it will not happen. So….I’ve decided to compromise — I’ll try being more relaxed at life in general, but still pee on that little OPK stick each morning…just to make sure I don’t miss THE day.

I’m crazy aren’t it?

6. Clean my house. I don’t think this is relevant to ttc, but as I’m writing this entry, I am having this sick realization as to how disorganized my house is right now. Maybe it’s PMS rounding the corner…. but right now, the clutter in my house and kitchen is driving me nuts. Seriously….how can there be so much laundry, in so many rooms. It’s just to the two of us!

This is pathetic, but all this thinking and to-do’s with no coffee just made me wicked tired…..time for a nap…..or maybe some Pinterest time first?!

Thanks for reading, and please leave any and all advice for this trying-to-conceive couple!

2 thoughts on “Quiting

  1. I suffered from two weeks of headaches but now I’m fine without coffee. Some women switch to decaf and wean themselves off it slowly. I felt so much better without tea and coffee – hang in there!

  2. I really have trouble stomaching the prenatals too, my OB says to take the equvalent of the chewables that equal what’s in the prenatals, which basically meant doubling the flintstones.

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