Did I really JUST……


 Let me tell you what, this conception journey is quite the emotional roller coaster! One minute you think you are out for the month, the next day you find out you are just now ovulating?! This is a bit TMI for anyone who isn’t obsessing over trying to conceive. So I would stop ready  now… but if you are use to reading about other women’s woe’s, bodily fluid observations, and hearing about when they “did the deed”…then read on, I would love some advice! 

Although my cycle has been typically long…it still has always been like clockwork. I would say average about 42 days. I have tried temping, but working the swing shift, it’s damn near impossible., but never the less, I try it, just to see if I get an abnormally low or high temp.

So I’m on day 43 right now…. 3 days ago I started noticing a bit of EWCM ( I know tmi, sorry!) so while I was peeing, I decided, what the hell, I’ll take a OPK test. I have never gotten a positive on an OPK before, and all of a sudden, I watched the paper turn wet, and two very bright lines came across. WHAT?! I’m on day 40, this should not be happening! So I drag the husband  upstairs and we DTD (did the deed), just in case I really might have been ovulating. Next day, the same thing…two bright and deep lines. My temp was right about 97.4 which is where is usually always is, no matter what time of day. We took the day off  from doing the baby dance yesterday (dh can’t do it EVERY day). I was pretty bummed, but I figured if I did it first thing the next morning, it would be o.k. Well, I woke up, took my temp — 98.4! I peed on  an OPK stick, and got a negative. No EWCM. Nothing. Did I seriously just now ovulate?

We DTD this afternoon (36 hours from the last time) just in case there was still some chance — even though I read when you see I high temp, its too late to catch the egg. *shrugs* …can’t hurt right?

I’m particularly super excited because I have never gotten a Positive on an OPK before! And by the time CD 30 rolls around, I am so exhausted from doing it every other day, that we take almost a week/week and a half off or just wait until next “month”! Maybe I’ve been missing it every month?!

I started taking the Apple Cider Vinegar about a week ago, and I am wondering if that was enough to just “jump start” my system….. I don’t know! I mean… the only real way of tell is to wait to weeks and see what happens.

If you are still reading this to this point. I applaud you sticking through the gory details! My question is…do you think we DTD enough?  If I ovulated (a.k.a temp spike) Today on the 10th, and we DTD  this morning (really around noon), June 6th and June 8th (really like 12:30/1:00 am June 9th)…..do you think we would have caught it?

I have so many emotions running through me I could throw up. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed in hopes that the Positive OPK and the EWCM and the temp dip and spike were not just a fluke, and I really DID ovulate this late — better late than never right?!

All advice, 2 cents, and commentary would be very much appreciated!

3 thoughts on “Did I really JUST……

    • EEEK Thanks so much! I my temp is still up today, so I’m hoping I did finally ovulate!

      Apple cider vinegar just might be the best and worst taste infertility help out there! I am hoping it did the trick, but considering I got my +OPK a week after taking it on CD 41, i’m thinking it will. If you Google “Apple Cider Vinegar and TTC” you’ll get a TON of advice and articles on the ancient remedy. If nothing else, it cures acid reflux and regulates your PH so ‘his’ swimmers can last longer 🙂 I would totally check it out!
      I take a cap full in a glass of water. I hold my breath and SLAM in back trying not to taste it. Its awfull, but if it works and its natural, I’m willing to do it!

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