The Two Week Wait

I’m so sick of seeing/saying/hearing the words “Two week wait” — It’s the longest two weeks of my life! I am, however, addicted to the website where all the ladies post their symptoms that end in a bfp. Horrible for the mind though, I swear have the symptoms are in my head!

So I am in the Two week wait. Day 5/6 of 14. in 5 more days I can’t poas! I’m a total Pee-on-a-Stick addict, thank God the Dollar Tree sells tests for a buck! I have no shame, I throw like, 15 of them in the cart and march right up to the register and smile.

Do you ever get symptoms that ALL point to early signs of pregnancy– but they ALL have outside factors? Thats me….every month. This month though, I actually threw up at work yesterday. I have been so tired, and my chest hurts too even wear a shirt! Throwing up? Tired? chest pain?!  Pregnant! Not quite. Here’s the thing, I work in an Emergency Room, and the FOULEST smelling women came through the doors. The smell was so bad, I almost DIDNT make it to the bathrooms. No one else seemed to be throwing up, but I’m also new there, so I dont have 10 years of time in to not notice it. I started dry heaving though also when the ladies at work were talking about a new recipie for Beef Stroganoff. I had to tell them to stop because I did almost puke…and I like Beef Strganoff too! 

As for being tired… its been beautiful here, so the husband and I have been taking our Kayaks out on  the water damn near every night! Kind of a lot to fit in a guess while working full time…hense why I might be tired. and the sore chest, I get it every month…. it’s a staple with me and PMS.

My temps though! My cover line is around 97.2 and the day after ovulation, I spiked up to 98.4. I ‘ve been in the 98.2 range every day after. Today, day 6, I took my temp at 6 am….97.6!!! What the hell is that?! I rolled over in bed and just cried, until I fell asleep again. when I woke up 5 hours later (I’m telling you, I’m super tired), i took the temp, and back up to 98.2. …Do yuo think it could have been implantation dip?

I obsess to much.

In other news!!!! My husbands “swimmer” test came back, and his swimmers “are beautiful! They move well, shaped well, and there are enough of them!” — per my Dr.

Huge weight lifted off there. I can deal with infertility on my end, but not on his. He would NEVER be willing to choke down some of the “herbal remedies” I’ve read about online. hahaha. So thats good.

She said I did ovulate last week, so I’m hoping with that, and doing the deed at the right time, I should be good for this month?!

5 more days before I can start the testing addiction!

5 thoughts on “The Two Week Wait

      • Aw, sorry to hear! TWW take FOREVER! I DID get a BFP this month! It was super faint, but I was beyond excited! It showed up on the day of our two year wedding anniversary! I started having cramps and called my OB right away and she told me “a line is a line” and congrats and cramping is normals, but It ended today =( I’m BEYOND sad right now, but I guess chemical pregnancys are more common that I knew…

      • Oh no i am so sorry hear that, I say try and look at the positive you know you can get a BFP. Looks like we will both try again this cycle! This will be the one.

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