A Chemical Heartbreak

Days after the faintest of faint lines, being a POAS-aholic, we definitely got our BFP. We were so excited I thought we were going to burst. I A couple Days later I was having some cramping, and I was starting to get nervous, because the line on the test wasn’t as dark as i was hoping for. I called the dr, who just told me “A line is a line” and “cramping is normal, take it as a good thing, your uterus is stretching”. Well I know my body, and these cramps were not a good thing. So I decided to wait it out and see. That night i had some light spotting. GOOGLE. Come to find out, spotting is normal, so I said “ok”.  I go to bed, wake up with the worst cramps OF my life. I was about to get in the Car and go to the E.R because SOMETHING was eating me from the inside. I ran to the bathroom, and the brown spotting had turned pink, followed by 3 very very large clots. then the cramps were gone and all bleeding had subsided. Devastated. I mean, I think I was only about 5 weeks along by calculations, but I was SO excited to FINALLY have gotten the BFP.

After researching, it looks like chemical pregnancies are way more common than i though. I’m just hoping that this doesn’t happen again. My husband is being super supportive and told me “at least we know we can get pregnant without help” . Its true, and I should be thankful that I CAN get pregnant… So I guess fingers crossed that the next one sticks =(

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