The Break

I so needed this break. I took time off from thinking about babies, strollers, names, and when on earth I was going to ovulate. I went to the Dr. shortly after I started my last cycle at the end of june/early July. She gave me a battery of tests to do to check my levels and what not. She did confirm that I was, in fact, pregnant back in June. Sad news. But the good news is, she said that I was able to get pregnant and that was great. Blood work came back all great too!With my constant swing shift at work, she thinks my very long cycle is due to the fact that I work midnights and day shift , both in the same week, and my body isn’t sure what is going on. I can handle that news, and so glad it didn’t have to do with hormone levels. Since it is the nature of my job, I wasn’t sure how I was going to overcome it, other than wait the next couple of months out until we move and i wont have a job. But she told me she can start me on the low dosage of Chlomid and progesterone so that I can start a period, and ovulate, and have a normal cycle, rather then these 52 dayers!

I’m thankful for it. There was once a time that I thought nature should just be nature. And if i couldn’t get pregnant, than that was natures way of telling me my body wont be good for it, and i will just have to accept that. Oh being young. I decided that I will go on the progesterone and the chlomid just so i can have the piece of mind of a shorter cycle. Its exhausting working full time, swing shift, with a 52 days cycle and trying to do the deed as much as possible!

I’ve been concentrating on things too that dont consume my time about babies. We are going to be moving here soon in December, and we don’t know where. It could be the next state over, or it could be across the entire country. So I am starting to back up slowly, incase the husbands company wants to move us sooner.

The strangest part of this whole ordeal, as that after months of trying, and finally being able to get pregnant. I feel content. Like I just wanted to know that I could get pregnant. I’m not nearly as stressed out as I was before. I know that sounds strange….but maybe thats all i wanted to know, that it was possible for us.


Everything happens for a reason. I am thankful I didn’t get pregnant when i did last year, because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to get a job and pay off all the debt  we have so far this year. Now we are at the point where we don’t depend on my wages at all, and we can souly (and thankfully) live off of his salary. We have a couple more months here, so i can work until we move. Now would be an opportune time though. I could work and then when im 5-6 months pregnant, we can move and i wont worry about finding a job….but who really wants to move at 5 months pregnant?

It is what it is. I know people who have moved even more pregnant. I just have to do my thing called life, and when it happens, I’ll be happy…until then, I’ll be happy with the life I have been given thus far… but of course I will begin peeing on sticks just to make sure =)


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