The Wait.

I was hoping to write about the 5 days of Clomid, but instead I got stuck working all 5 days at work, including a double on the midnight shift. So I have been sleeping instead of righting. I have successfully taken all 5 days of Clomid, with the only side affects noticeable were hot flashes. They weren’t your typical, blushing and embarrassing momentary sweat outbreak…but these were more I-thought-I-was-going-to-spontaneously-combust!. The core of my body was so hot I didn’t know what to do. To add insult to injury, its been wicked hot here too, so I have just been miserable. I’m so over summer and ready for fall/winter.

Other than that, I had a little bit more of the munchies, but I always do this time of the month. So now I am just sitting here…on day 8 waiting to see If I’ll ovulate this month. I have a feeling I will, I noticed a bit more CM then typical this time for me, so I’m hoping that its gearing up for the big O. I told my hubby that he had better be prepared for a daily attacking when he comes home from work!

I think we have a habit of burning ourselves out though. We try and do it every other day, but with us both working and the dailey stressed of life…sometimes we’d just rather turn on a movie and have some popcorn and fall asleep  on the couch together. by CD 20, after having done the deed every other day, we are burn out, so if I O’ed in the past on day 34, i likely have missed it. my fingers are crossed that I will O in the next week!

I also have a knack for stress. So I’ve been working on being a happier stress free being…doesn’t work most of the time, but its all about dedication. So I’ve been reading a lot of “philosophy” books lately. I ran across one, I haven’t read it yet, but  it sounds interesting! I’ll send the link below, I think it might be helpful for some people! Stress is heinous thing!

The Tao of Fertility

Click the picture to be taken to the Tao of Fertility’s website. I hope someone finds what they are looking for here.

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