It’s Working! (at least I think it is)

Well today marks my 14th day of my cycle, and 7 days since I took the last clomid dose. Yesterday I peed on on an OPK and BRIGHT POSITIVE! Today, the same thing, Bright and dark =) We  “did the deed” yesterday afternoon, but we wont be able to tonight, so I’m hoping yesterday will be enough? And we’ll do it again tomorrow in the afternoon/morning. SO fingers crossed.

I was getting a little frustrated, because the day after I stopped the clmoid, I had a positive opk. Not AS dark as the ones I’m getting now, but damn near the same as the control line. After reading, I heard you can have positive OPKS from the Clomid. So we did the deed just in case, but I’m really hoping now is the TRUE positive ovulation. I have all the other signs of it right now too (EWCM anyone?!)

I am attempting to temp also, but my schedule is not going to work with me. I did have a dip yesterday, I went from 97.4 down to 96.8 and back up to 97.7 today. but again, temping is sperattic with me. I am only temping to see if they temps stay up.

I so hope this is the month. The hubs doesn’t understand what its like to not have children when everything in  your body tells you you are ready for them NOW. I want to be a mom so bad…for reasons i can’t explain…and maybe that is for the better, because I know its not anything superficial.

I had another mini (mini?…lets be serious, it was an all out sob fest!) break down a couple nights ago. My girlfriend just had her baby, a beautiful little girl, and 3 other of my friends are due around the next two weeks. My husband thinks I am  just wanting a baby because my friends are (ya…my Crazy Bitch came out after that remark!). I tried explaining that I’m 27 years old, its not because what my “friends” are doing any more – but see it on my Facebook feed is a daily reminder of what I DONT have. I am sure many of you reading this can understand that.  So I made an analogy for him about hunting and what its like for me…..I think I actually got through to him.  He seems to be a lot more sympathetic. Don’t get me wrong, he really would love to have children, he just doesn’t cry everytime he sees a pregnant woman walk past.
So I am super excited about seeing those bright dark lines on the OPK. I hope that yesterday and tomorrow afternoon will be enough!


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