Lets be serious

I couldn’t stay away! I tried throwing in the towel, I tried being angry and acting like my life is fine with the dogs and my husband….and then I took the 5 doses of Clomid again! Lets be serious, I was made to me a mom. So here I am again…finding myself staring at OPKS. I noticed I have something called a “fade in” OPK, so my husband and I have really been trying to do it as much as positive….so much that today it looks like it is a full positive, so I stayed home from work!!!!  I needed the Mental Health day anyway!

I’m back on a low carb diet, so I am really hoping that the planets will allign for me this month! to be honest…I feel like this is our month…which might make it harder when i find might not be…but I fell like it is.


We have a LOT of things coming up in the next couple of months! Going on a very exciting and well needed vacation, and then a month later we get to move!!

I hate where I live right now so much that I actually irregular with my cycles! It’s true, I live in the worst place imaginable, filled with rude uneducated people who pride themselves on being white trash! IT has been the hardest year of my life! and now that there is a lighta t the end of the tunnel, I’m hoping my body will get out of its angry mode!

Very excited about moving back home though!

So, anyway…here we go again. I am going to try and relax, not get so angry, and if it doesn’t work, then at least im one step closer to the dr doing something else that will give us a chance!


fingers crossed we catch it!



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