New Dr.’s Goal isn’t to get me pregnant


I had my first visit with my new OB/GYN, and I can’t get over how professional and enthusiastic he was about wanting to get me pregnant! It makes me sick to my stomach that I spent the last year with a Dr.  who clearly didn’t give a damn!


 My old Dr., told me that if I got a positive pregnancy test, to wait about a month to make sure it “sticks” and then to schedule an appointment…. my Dr. now, wants me to call him the DAY I start my period, the DAY I get a positive ovulation, he wants to do a ’Post-coital’ exam to see if my husbands swimmers are staying actively alive inside me, and he wants me to get in shape (not because I’m overweight but because pregnancy can be hard on the body) and stay positive! He tells me:

 ‘My goal for you isn’t to just get you pregnant….
My goal is to be able to wheel you into the hospital in less than a year, and watch you successfully deliver a healthy baby


Then, on the way out of his office, he said, “Mrs. M, You will be having a baby this year, so I want you to keep that in mind, and start treating  your body like you are pregnant now”…. He was so absolutely wonderful I wanted to run back and give him a hug!

It’s such a breath of fresh air to have a Dr. that actually WANTS to get you pregnant, rather than one who thinks you are either still to young to be worrying about it, or doesn’t really care.

He made me understand that one of the reasons I’m probably not getting pregnant, is because my cycles are to long, and the hormones aren’t compatibly working like they should.


So, he put me on a new round of Chlomid, and he wants me to come in on day 1, 14, 21, and 28 to check hormone levels and see what’s going on. If round 1 doesn’t work, he will check my tubes to see if they are blocked and proceed with the next procedures!!! I’m not going to have to “try this for 6 months, and if it doesn’t work, come back to me”.


If you are in the Chicago area, I would highly recommend him.

Tomorrow is my first round of Acupuncture! I’m so nervous I feel like I’m going to throw up…..any tips for the first Acupuncture visit?


Till then,
Mrs. M

2 thoughts on “New Dr.’s Goal isn’t to get me pregnant

  1. oh my!! i had dr after dr tell me i was too young and not to worry… they said i had plenty of time to get pregnant. here i am 4 and a half years later still babyless. im glad you found a good dr!! i was thrilled out of my mind to find a dr who finally to me seriously and didnt say “you’re so young” as if tho it didnt emotionally still hurt that i didnt have a baby. besides with my problems! i should have started ttc when i was like 5 lol.

    • Gah! I wanted to slap people when they told me I was too young! I want 4 kids…. if you “plan” (cause we know how well that’s working right now) to have then 2 years apart, you are looking at 8 years IF all goes well! I’m very very happy to have found a dr who is so positive and encouraging.

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