First visit to the Acupuncturist!

I had my first visit to the acupuncturist today…

I was so nervous, I thought I was going to barf on my drive there! I kept thinking “Why am I doing this!? I don’t like needles. I don’t need this….perhaps I should wait and see how the Clomid works first”, then the smart part of my conscience answer’s back, “Because this is better for you. This is more natural, holistic and will help with your anxiety and begin working on a habitually healthy lifestyle”….Well, that was the end to that argument, so I continued my drive in sub-conscience silence.

I walked into the office, and was greeted immediately by my acupuncturist. We went through a very interesting “physical”…where he looked at my tongue, felt my pulse, and then diagnosed me with what he thought was going on, and asked if he was correct. It was almost creepy how spot on he was! I came in telling him I had “anxiety” problems….after looking at my ears, he asks me “are you having any gynecological problems? Painful cycles or the inability to conceive if trying?”!  Are you kidding me?! It was at that point, I realized you can not lie or hide anything from an acupuncturist. We concluded our physical with him diagnosing me what they call a “Damp Qi (chee)”.  He also said my circulation isn’t being effective to certain parts of my body, including to my reproductive system…so that is what we were going to concentrate on.

I then followed him to a very relaxing, spa like room towards the back. I hop up on the table, fully clothed, and he tells me where he was going to place the puncture points. Surprisingly it was not anywhere near my stomach! He pressed on parts of my knee and ankle, where I actually yelped in pain! He replies “tender there?”, as if my yelp didn’t give it away. He told me those points are pressure points that coincide with the uterus, and by being tender, it often shows that there is a problem, or off balance, in the system.

He was ready to put the first one in, and I damn near hyperventilated! So, to calm me, he told me we were just going to try one, and if I didn’t like it, we wouldn’t do it. So I told him to go ahead, two seconds later he asks “how was that?”….How was that?! I didn’t feel anything! WICKED AWESOME! I gave him the green light, and he feverishly ran around my entire body putting these tiny, painless needles in effective places. When all said and done, I had them in my ankles, wrists, calves, knees and one in the ‘third eye’ in my head. He put a heat lamp over my abdomen, dimmed the lights and told me to hang out for a half hour…..

About 7 minutes in, my whole body started warming up and I couldn’t even think. Usually my mind goes a million thoughts a minute, and for the first time in a long time, my thoughts were empty. Maybe it was all in my head, but at 8 minutes in, I was out like a light! He woke me up when we were done, and asked how I was feeling….again…like he needed to ask?!

He also placed these “seeds” in my ear, in certain pressure points, so that throughout the week, if I feel tense and anxious, to give them a good squeeze. To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I felt THIS relaxed!

To say the least, I am so utterly happy that I went. The whole experience was awesome. I feel awesome and relaxed, and much more positive about making these babies this year! I still get a little sad, because in my head, sometimes I feel like I will never get pregnant, but I am really trying to have positive, reassuring thoughts…I can and WILL be pregnant this year….
I watched a documentary on Hungry for Change, and I wanted to share this advice with you, for anyone having a hard time telling themselves that you will get pregnant this year too:

Visualisation is like a language, which you can use to talk to your subconscious. The problem with the subconscious is that it doesn’t speak English! So we’re being run by a brain that we can’t talk to. But what I realised is that visualisation is like a language that you can use to talk to your subconscious. Because just like you can’t talk to someone that doesn’t speak your language – say you have to go to a bathroom in a foreign country and you could ask a 1,000 people where the bathroom is and they wouldn’t be able to tell you – but if you drew a picture and show it to anyone instantly they know what you mean. It is so true.
Your body WILL guide you. It will support you, give you a helping hand and ultimately, NOT LET YOU FAIL.

Till Then,
Mrs. M


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