The humble games

aye, yi yi! So the two week wait ended in it’s usual way -in bed curled up with cramps and bitterness. “What am I doing wrong?!” was the only understandable sob my husband could hear.

This is a new cycle though, and I started my  first round since living in PA. I think it will be better. I’ve already noticed a difference in hormones from it…night sweats (it’s winter and all we had was a sheet on the bed!), moodyness and irritability. It’s sunny out today, so I’m acutally in really good spirits…

So apart from starting the Chlomid (I already finished my 5 doses for this cycle)…..I have to….OH GOD I dont even want to say it here, because I am sooooo……You know, I have no words to describe it. But I have to do a Post-Coital exam!

Has anyone had to do that? I know us ladies trying to figure out our infertility have to get looked at, poked and prodded all the time….but to have a Dr. tell you to have sex, and then come in the office a half hour later so he can make sure my husbands swimmers and staying alive. The thought of it is horrify.

If anyone has been through this, I would really appreciate some advice/sympathy/reassurance!

Ok, in other news. I had a job interview for a position I want SOOOOO badly. It’s what I went to school for, its down the road from my house,….it’s everything I want! I had a phone interview today. Usually I nail interviews. I’m personable, i speak well and I engage with the interviewers in front of me. So to have someone who can’t see me, and just hear my stubble over words as I try and adjust to the new technicque, was horrible. I totally botched it. I sounded like a 3rd grader trying to recite the preamble. Good greif!

So we still aren’t sure if we are moving or not. So that is still a little stressful. We may be here in Illinois for a couple months/years, or we could be relocating by the end of next month.

Also, to add insult to injury, has anyone read Fifty Shades of Grey? I blew threw the first two books, now I’m at a standstill with the third. But if you have read it,( as to not ruin it for those who havent), I just got to the page where Ana has a Blip. SooooooI closed the book and cried myself to sleep.

Que sera sera, right? post-coital

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