Sleeping Beauty….or maybe Beast.

So I am on my first ‘real’ round of 50 mg clomid. I remember taking clomid when I lived out east, but I was working all three of my shifts each week, my sleep pattern was all over, and my OPKS told me I was ovulating for like, 10 days straight…. I took it for two months with the same results (no real side effects though) nothing! So I was a little disheartened. My husband told me to just wait until we get back to Illinois, and in our own house, and all will fall into place.

So we started our first round of Clomid this month (first full cycle after being back in Illinois). I dont know WHAT is going on (if anything) but  I am on day 11 of my cycle and I have been a crying-crazy-tired-beast. All I want to do is CRY! I had one of the most important interviews of my life yesterday, and I feel like I nailed it, but they wont know who they are going to choose for “another couple of weeks”….I got in my car and CRIED. God only knows why. My husband called and asked how it went, and I just was sobbing so hard, I had to get off the interstate!

The last couple of days (more like a week and a half) I have been like Sleeping Beauty. I can’t wake up. I’m a napper every now and then, but this last week, I have not been able to stay awake. I wake up at 4:30 am with the hubby to make him breakfast, and I feed and let the dogs out, then I crawl back into bed by 5am, and sleep until 9 am. I get up and clean the house, do some laundry, Play on facebook, do some e-mails, budget and finances…. and then by 1 pm I am so tired I can hardly move. My whole body aches. So I lay down around 1:30 and I will sleep until 4 pm. Then, 9pm rolls around, and I am ready for bed! Every night, I wake up sweating….gross, I know.  I’m not even a sweater. I don’t even sweat at the gym, but put a single sheet on me at night, and I wake up so hot i think I’m going to throw up. It’s winter in Chicago, and I have the heat set at 62 at night just to keep from getting dehydrated.

What is going on? Is it the clomid?  Are my hormones ACTUALLY being effected this time? I didn’t have any of these symptoms (that I can remember) the first time around. Maybe I’m in menopause. I’ve heard of women going into it at a young age.

I was suppose to go to the Acupuncturist this morning, but I felt so sick (hungover like) that I couldn’t imagine laying on my back and not moving with needles in me for 45 minutes. So I canceled. Then I hopped into the shower, and cried because I felt so disappointed in myself for not going. The whole shower, I was thinking “what if this was the session that was going to get you pregnant ….and you blew it because you couldn’t woman-up and just go to the appointment”…So to compromise, I’m going to take a bath later and see if I can’t shake this hormonal crazyness.

God I feel so sick right now. I just want to take an entire bottle of TUMS and fall back asleep

Till then,

Mrs. M

6 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty….or maybe Beast.

  1. Gah. Yes. Clomid is crazy juice. I had a similar experience and didn’t have any side effects the first 3 months I took it, and then BLAMMO, the Frothing Madwoman Fairy arrived. I couldn’t hang, had to stop taking it, cause I’m a therapist and it’s not good practice to start weeping uncontrollably in someone’s session. Best of luck, sister.

  2. I’ve been on Clomid several times too n it does make you feel terrible. I had pretty bad hot flashes on it. In fact, I hated clomid so bad I doubt if I would ever go back on it. But it is a good thing that at least it’s disturbing your hormones!! And don’t worry about the acupuncture session. I know there are a lot of people that think that it adds to fertility hugely but I doubt one missed cycle will matter. 😉 Its that panic those of us who have trouble TTC feel. I have that panic all through the 2 week wait. I think that if you’re having that many symptoms the clomid is definitely working on something!

  3. Hi, I notice above you mentioned acupuncture. Are you still doing acupuncture sessions while on clomid? I’m considering taking clomid and continuing with my acupuncture sessions, so I would love to hear your experience with both. Sending you lots do baby dust!

    • funny, I think we both commented on each others blogs at the same time! I am still doing it, but It’s more or less half assed. The main reason I was doing it was for tension and stress…it worked WONDERS! I thought I could be hit by a bus and not care after my first session. I started my clomid, but missed my last two acupuncture appointments. I am hoping what I had been doing will help, but we’ll find out in a week! Good luck deary!

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