ALL Aboard!

Okay, so  maybe it’s not the classiest way to announce I’m ovulating….but I am! I don’t really know how I feel about it yet. I’m on CD 19. The Clomid was suppose to be doing it’s thing a week ago. My Dr. keeps telling me “21 day ovulation is too late….it’s just to late”. I don’t even know if it’s worth doing the baby dance (but of coarse I’m going to!). I cried this morning. I’ve been getting negative opks every afternoon, and we ended up not even “doing-the-deed” at all last week. Well, Monday, but that was for my post-coital appointment. It went well. The Dr. even showed me my husbands swimmers under the microscope. They were so beautiful, and alive!

So, this morning, we talked about baby dancing. We had to, its been almost a week! I was so exhausted. I haven’t been sleeping well because I’ve been stressed about waiting to hear back from this job.  So I ended up just crying….I didn’t even want to sleep with the hubby, because it isn’t fun. It feels like a chore. I know he doesn’t really ‘look forward’ to it.

I feel like by “trying to conceive” we are ruining what we have together. I miss the intimacy, I miss the months where I didn’t temp, chart, or panic about when we had sex, and when we didn’t.  I know. It will come back.

So I POAS today, and it was dark! I’m happy about it even though it’s “late”. Maybe the clomid will still did it’s thing? I seem so much more hormonal than ever before, so I’m hopeful. So anyway, this morning, we did end up “DTD”,  and then afterward, we laid there for just over an hour and talked. It was nice. It was intimate. It was also relaxing. And then to get the Dark line I’ve been waiting 19 days to see. It was nice.

So now… it comes. The tww. I’m not so hopeful, because it DID take so long to ovulate, but you never know. I think I was on day 39 the last time we caught the egg. Positive thoughts!

Till then,

Mrs. M


5 thoughts on “ALL Aboard!

    • Thank you! I’m really hoping things will get better…one way or another. We can either have kids, and or we can’t, but we can start moving on with our lives. I really should “enjoy” the ride though, and remember that we are making, or at least trying to make, a new life, and we should do so with excitement!

      • Of course! Good to hear you sounding positive! I have good days and bad which I guess is only normal. And let’s just hope that the syaing, ‘It will all be worth it in the end’, will come true for us both very soon! x

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