13 days and counting…

And here it is. The Two Week Wait.
I have decided to be hopeful. I  am going to be positive, and not let this TWW own me. I got positive OPKS Sunday, Monday and yesterday afternoon. We “Did the deed” both Sunday and Monday, but the hubby was to tired to do it last night :-\ That’s okay, right? Monday night, afterward, I laid there for about an hour chit chatting with the hubby, and then went to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible front and back cramps! Maybe ovulation pain? I’m not sure, they lasted about a half hour, and they were intense. Hopeful. This is my first real round of Clomid. So I am sure things are going to be difference from my “usual” TWW….I know the first part of the cycle sure as hell was.

So. 2 dpo, I may not even thinking about it. Maybe I’ll get some tea and open up a book. Anyone ever read the Outlander Series? Sometimes I find it is relaxing to get lost in someone else’s life for a chance.

OH! So I’m stressing, but excited! I got a call back from my “dream” company who I interviewed with last week. They are concerned that I am not experienced enough in the industry for a counselor position, but they liked me, and want me to come in tomorrow and meet with the manager for a position that is just  a step below that one.. In fact, the position I am interviewing for tomorrow, was the one I originally applied for, they just thought I was qualified for the one above that position. It would be so perfect, especially when TTC. It’s something I love, with stable/steady hours, and close to home! So, I’m hoping that getting a referral to meet with the manager is a good sign, and I hope they like me enough to hire me!

I’m going to end my blogs for the next two weeks with “signs and symptoms”. It’s going to be a reference point to go back to later so when I start to be obsessed, I can see that many of the signs and symptoms are normal on clomid….just trying to be organized. *giggle*

DPO 2 (I know WAY to early, but it’s my space to obsess).

  1. Tired
  2. Headache from Hell (this has been going on a week, I think it’s because I clench my teeth at night. More of a tension headache)
  3. My nips are hard and hurt like holy hell….believe it or not, this has never happened to be, except the time I did catch the egg….. I’m thinking at 2 dpo, its the Clomid. But I need to write it down for reference.

Okay! I noticed a bunch of my fellow-bloggers are entering the TWW with me, so Good luck, and hopefully we’ll all catch the eggs!

Till then,

Mrs. M

6 thoughts on “13 days and counting…

  1. Your picture of the ” trying to get pregnant is the fun part” conversation makes me just shake my head. I’m pretty sure that the world has a whole bunch of phrases and cliches that they use just to torture us infertiles. Like “just relax” or “try going on a vacation” or worst of all “It will happen when the time is right”. Don’t even get me started lol!! I hope your 2 week wait goes by well and fast. 🙂

  2. Love the positive attitude! And I love some ecards…they always crack me up – great add 🙂 Very happy you got the job and you are staying positive during the TTW. Here is to hoping for one more positive – a pregnancy test. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers 🙂

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