Dragon Dance

“Dragons are believed to bring good luck to people, which is reflected in their qualities that include great power, dignity, fertility, wisdom and auspiciousness.”

I have been struggling to write in the blog, because I’ve been too damn tired. I don’t know if its because of the winter, or the stress of interviews and TTC, the TWW or the clomid. Right now, I just want to close the laptop and take a 3 hours nap in a sunspot on my floor.  But anyway! I went back to the Planetarium (my church) this week for an “adults only” night. It was so much fun. They open the entire planetarium to those 21+ to drink, watch space movies, learn about science and check out the stars through the the largest public telescope in the Midwest. If you are in the Chicago area, I definitely recommend checking out Adler After Dark. It’s basically a playground for nerdy people….so I LOVE IT! haha, I went with one of my friends in the area, and we had a great time. It was a night with a lot of philosophical thinking and questions. While we were there though, the planetarium was teaming up with the Chicago Chinese Fine Arts Society to help celebrate the Chinese new year.

While my friend and I were sharing thoughts and ideas about the meaning of life over some hummus, we heard these loud, epic like gongs. From around the corner, these beautiful Chinese lions appear and performed this beautiful dance. completely intrigued by this, I decided to look it up….mistaking the difference from the lions and the Dragons. When I read what they represented, I was in tears. Fertility and good luck?! YES PLEASE!  So I wanted to share that with you.

It may just be coincidence, but the next morning, I got a call from my dream company, offering me the position I applied for! Finally I have SOME sense of being!

I am halfway through the TWW….and yes, I think I caught the egg…but I think this every month. The only thing different, is that my husband things we have too…and possibly my dog. So, last night, my husband grabbed my boobs while passing in the hallway (men!) and then proceeded in telling me how big and heavy my chest feels…. haha, I think he is more positive because he wants to stop having sex be a chore…. But I am sure the chest heaviness and size are all contributed to the Clomid, so I write it off. My nipps though (TMI, but again, reference points, lol) are unnecessarily painful. I mean…. bad. Usually my chest hurts horribly right before AF comes and visits, but its off the the side in the “meat and fat” part. I know, I’m quite the poet, lol. Sorry! But this month is different, its very centralized right in the center. So again, maybe just the hormonal change from the clomid?

But then you have my dog…..oh my poor poor dog. Every time I come in the house, he gets so scared he pees all over the floor. He did that when I first caught the egg last June, so it’s a glimmer of hope….but I also probably have thee most sensitive pit bull in this country! So we’ll see. He isn’t being as distant as he was in the past, but that could be from a multitude of reasons. We shall see, again the hubby is all kinds of happy about the dog pissing on the carpet (Men!). My mood? I’ve resembled zombie/hulk like episodes the last couple of days. Very annoyed and have a “no-nonsense” type of attitude. The hubby is sadly at the epicenter of these episodes, so we have fought damn near every night 😦 oh Hormones! It would have been nice if men evolved with some too! (maybe not so much….)

The one thing that I am a little worried about is the cramps. Did I have these previously? They feel like AF like cramps, but I usually dont get them for a 2 days-ish before I start. I woke up out of  a dead sleep two nights ago with very strong cramps, and I’ve been having “after shocks” here and there. They last for about a half hour, and then they are gone. Maybe they are a good sign?

So, at 7 DPO I have

  • Chest pain
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Cramps
  • Acid Reflux (more that ever)
  • Extreme thirst
  • Headaches (I think they are tension headaches from clenching my teeth at night)
  • Hulk-like crankiness (PMS anyone?)
  • Acheyness…. I just feel very tight, like I’m coming down with the flu or something.
  • TMI! CM is very dry… usually it’s very wet this time of the month.

So I know, It could all be in my head. We all struggle with this. Being my first month back on Clomid, I want to write everything down, that way the next couple of months will be less crazy, and I will know what to expect.

So. That is my half-way-through-the-two-week-wait rant! I am going to try and get some Dragons in hopes they will bring luck and fertility. 3 mores days until I POAS because I have no control lol.

Good luck to any other ladies out there entering or almost leaving their TWW.

Till then,
Mrs. M

7 thoughts on “Dragon Dance

  1. I am in the Chicago area and I have seen the emails about Adler After dark since I am on the mailing list. I have always wondered if would be worth it and now I definitely have to go! We frequent all of the museums here and I see the moms with the strollers and I get that jealous then angry then guilty feeling but that leads me to my next comment. I am a complete hormonal witch for the past two weeks and I just started my TWW. I wish there was a support group for our poor confused hubbies. I keep apologizing, crying and yelling in the same sentence. My husband is my rock. I keep trying my best to not Google any symptoms for ovulation cramps or implantation cramps etc. I did that last month and it crushed me completely. But I do have complete faith in Dog’s sixth senses 🙂 So good luck to you and massive amounts of baby dust!!

    • I am in the same boat, I Google WAY to much until I am convinced this IS the month (hense that e-card about the twoweekwait.com, lol)…then each month I am even more upset, devastated and bitter than I should be. That’s why I am thinking all these symptoms are due to the Clomid, and not the possibility of anything else (but lets be serious I am soooo hoping). So I’m writing it all down, and next month I can revisit these blogs and realize it’s nothing special. *sigh* I was at breakfast with my hubby this morning, and maybe I had an eye for it, but there were SO many pregnant women!!! I was getting frustrated, because one young lady already had three kids and she was about to pop with number 4…..must be nice to be “pleasantly surprised” when you are late. I’m trying so hard not to be bitter this month.
      I would TOTALLY Recommend Adler After Dark! It is SUCH a good time! No kids allowed, so its a nice night to forget about TTC and having a fun night with the hubs! and its only $12 bucks and all the exhibits are open. We go every month (we are pretty nerdy)
      Good luck with your tww! I wish I could tell you something that would help, but the sad truth is that the TWW is a black hole of anxiety and nothing helps, other than keeping busy and TRYING to think of something else. Good luck deary!!!

  2. Bring on the Dragons I say. Didn’t know their association with fertility. So glad you’re keeping busy during the madness of the TWW. I don’t want to get your hopes up but your symptoms sound promising. I was woken up in the night by cramps as you’ve described and I got a BFP – implantation cramps. Here’s hoping for you!

    • AH! I’m trying to keep level headed, because there have been many many months where I thought “I had it” and didn’t. My husband told me last night though that “This feels different…. there is something about you the last couple days that is just…..different” meh, it could be many things, but he positive which helps me be NOT so devils-advocate. We’ll know in less than a week!

  3. I’m 7dpo and having EXACTLY the same list of symptoms, right down to teeth-clenching. So if you’re pregnant this month, I get to be too, okay?

    • haha okay!!!!! fingers crossed!!!! I bought like, 7 of those .88 cent HPT’s at Walmart, and since I lack self control, I’m going to start testing at 10 dpo…I know it’s early , but for .88 cents?! Why not! lol.

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