A Faint Conception

Aye Yi YI! Where do I even begin?! I have both good news, bad news, and hopeful news.

After my little rant the last post, I had my OB/GYN call and give me the details of my lab work I had done 7 DPO. My Thyroid looked good, but my Progesterone was on the weak side of things. It was a 9. Not TERRIBLE, the RN told me she had seen people get pregnant off a number like that, but they like to see it in the mid to upper teens, especially when on Clomid.

What did I think of the news?….Thank God I finally had something that could be the culprit that was causing us to not get/stay  “pregnant”. Low progesterone can still have cause you to ovulate, you can still conceive, but if the levels aren’t high enough, it will just cause an early ‘Miscarriage’ or Chemical. I was so terrified that I would end up having “unexplained infertility” (which I still might), but at least we can do something with this! So after hearing my progesterone was low, I stopped taking HPT, because what was the point, if they aren’t going to be able to implant?

My boobs still continued to hurt, and I just…. I don’t know. I had light spotting yesterday at DPO 12….I have NEVER started my period early. Implantation? I thought so…..or maybe it at least tried? I don’t know. About 1 am this morning, my cramps were the worst ever, I thought I was going to have to have the hubby take me to the hospital. I threw up, and I cried, I got in the “child pose” to help relieve pressure off my back as my husband frantically tried laying a heating pad on me.

I had to know.…. just to confirm if nothing else. I muscled up enough strength to POAS. Nothing, until a bout a half hour, and then a faint, but distinct, line creeped up on the screen. I didn’t tell him, but when he came in, he saw the test and with huge eyes, he looked at me and damn near screamed, “OMG! There are two lines!” (I guess he didn’t have to even squint, but it confirmed my suspicion!) Excitedly he asked if this “was it” and if the cramping was normal. Sadly, I told him “No, this is just like last June…..but we did do it hunny….we were able to conceive, now we just have to work on getting my hormones up enough to start keeping them.”

We were both so excited as I laid back down and waited for the God-Awful pain to try and subside. I bled for a good two hours, and then it stopped….. Just. Like. That.

We did it! My egg, and his sperm, went on a successful date, but their “cab” to dinner  just ran out of gas!

Does this mean my tubes are open?! That my body isn’t kill of his precious cargo?! That I can be helped?! That my progesterone is just low, and that’s why we haven’t been successful?! It sounds crazy, but I am actually excited. I can’t wait to dial up the Doc tomorrow and tell him. Maybe he will try and give me an oral progesterone along with the Clomid, and maybe next month with be the final month?!

I am hopeful. I am thankful. I am relieved.

Now, maybe next month we can work on keeping up that Progesterone so we can have a more powerful ovulation and that eggy and sperm decided to harbor their love for a good 9 months.

Till then,
Mrs. M

“Find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. Do not judge the universe.” – Dalai Lama

7 thoughts on “A Faint Conception

    • I was. It was a chemical. So I conceived, but my progesterone is too low to allow the egg to implant. So I started my “period” today. But, that means the clomid allowed to me ovulate, we caught the egg, we just need to get my progesterone up enough to create a stronger conception for next time and have it stick. Here’s hoping next month is THE month!

      • That is awesome that you caught the egg! I just had my progesterone test and it was 16.5 so now I am doing the suppositories to make my lining stickier. Good luck next cycle, I’m rooting for you 🙂

    • I think so! Although it didn’t stick, the second line was proof that we are one step closer to figuring out this infertility and having a happy and healthy 9 months. Hopefully the doc will have a plan tomorrow and next month will be our month!

  1. Ya know what? The other day when i read your blog i saw that your symptoms were a lot like mine on this pos cycle. I’m very sorry it didn’t stick but its an awesome step in the right direction!! Ik u will succeed soon. i think the progesterone will b a great help. gl!!!

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