The husband is officially gone. We moved him into his new place this weekend, and I am back in Chicago all by my lonesome self 😦

I am really trying to say positive about this break though. It’s only for 5 months, and I am hoping to visit when I get the chance. in the mean time though, I am really going to work on making some hardcore changes.

I am going to:
1. Relax. I’m going to try and see the world not so much in a “omg, I’m the only one not pregnant” light, but rather, “It’s going to be okay one way or another.” easier said then done, I know but I have 5 months to work on it.

2. I am going to eat better. This garbage I have been putting into this body is uncalled for, and I’m done with it. I don’t have a husband to tempt me to go out and eat beer and chicken wings, so I am going to really see if I can get in a good habit…what better time when you have no one to go out to eat with?

3. I am going to lose weight. I hopped on the scale today and the scale LITERALLY screamed at me to get off because I was hurting it. I couldn’t believe how heavy I have gotten….no wonder my sex and intimacy drive has plummeted! I have a goal to loose 25 lbs in 5 months…. that is do-able right?

I plan on tracking these goals in a different blog. I know lots of my fellow bloggers who I follow have been taking time away for breathing room, and I feel like I might need the same…. I need a complete 5 month disconnect from TTC….and again, with the hubs living in a different state, what better time to reset?!

I have created a new blog, if any of you would still like to follow me, while I take a 5 month sabbatical from TTC, and would love it!

The new blog is The Toothbrush Diaries.…( you know, because when traveling back and forth to see the hubs, I always bring my toothbrush…. cute or dumb?) I would love to still hear from you, because (fuck, now I’m tearing up) you all have been so helpful this last year. Whether you comment “It’ll be alright” or a “Be upset, you have the right to be” or an “I understand” or even “Wow…you are being selfish, get over it!”…. it all has made me feel SO much less alone, and although none of us know each other outside our blog names and thumbnail pictures, you have made such a positive impact of this TTC journey, and I can’t thank you enough.

I know many of you are still TTC and will be baby dancing while I’m trying to figure out what the next step is for me, but I wish you all the very very very best of luck, and from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for being there for me when no one else understood.

Till then (about 5 months..unless I ovulate one of the weekends I am visiting the hubs…DAMN IT, no!…what part of break do I not get?! ahahha),
Mrs. M

15 thoughts on “Sabbatical

    • I’m certainly going to try! Hard said than done, especially when everyone at my work is pregnant, and my only friend in IL is 20 weeks along 😦 *sigh*

      I definitely cried my eyes out today… no baby and no husband…. gaaaaah!

    • I’m hoping this break will teach me to chill out, and learn how to “tune” out my body. Learn how to not reach for the thermometer each morning, or check my CM 1000 times each day. Learn not to hold my boobs in my hands and figure out if they feel bigger this month or not. HA….basically I’m trying to reverse the crazy I self taught TTC for so long! I’ll be back sooner than later though:)

  1. Oh my God a break will be great for you both from the hell of TTC trust me. I’m doing the same right now as I decide what our next move will be. You’ll be more relaxed, more energized, dare I say it, a wee bit happier (I was/am)? It’s such a relief not to be thinking “am I ovulating? Lets go baby!” Or “is it time for my next injection yet” etc. Time out to remember what it’s like to Enjoy! (Good luck with The Toothbrush Diaries) x

    • Ha I’m hoping…. habits are hard to break. My husband asked me when I was planning to come visit…and I serious started counting when I was going to ovulate, and If i should plan visiting earlier….so, it will be good to learn how to relax! I’ll still be cheering you on and reading your posts!

  2. I am gonna miss you on here! I find your TTC observations so spot on and I will miss those. I totally understand the need to take a breather – It is good to take a break and clear your head. The whole process can really drag you down after awhile and some time away from it and a new prospective are always healthy. Having a new goal – like eating better and losing a few pounds is great for you – whether you are TTC or not. I selfishly wish you weren’t going away – we just started back with a new IVF doctor and already we have found new hope. I wish you nothing but the best and I hope one day I see on here and that you’re dream of being a mom has finally come true 😀

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