Old Habbits

Life on the Rocks

I really need to write more.

I miss my old blog. The incredibly wonderful ladies that I built such a bond with. I know it sounds crazy.. to build a closeness with people who you don’t even know their first names….but if you knew what we were going through, and they did, it’s a bond that helps even the darkest of days. I miss logging in and reading their inspiring and exciting positive news, and i miss being there for the days when they were crushed. I know on my days way I just wanted to curl up and cease to breath under my down comforter, they were there to help.

But I’m on a break. A munch needed break from am emotionally exhausting roller-coaster. A roller-coaster that use to be fun, but after riding it (HA! no pun intended) for so long, the joy and excitement vanished.


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One thought on “Old Habbits

  1. Good for you Mrs M! I know how daunting it can feel being “Lady of the House” lol. We’re building a new house and hubby is away so I’m dealing with everyone. I like the last photo. Silver and navy 🙂

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