A Change of Pace

What a week. My sister in law has been non stop about how much her baby cries (really?! I feel like you should have seen this coming), My best friends has been texting me left and right how her bump is starting to show and asking me if she should go with the brown owls or the green owls (I’m her best friend, so I’m being supportive), and another good friend, the one that was going through fertility issued, and then failed to tell me she was pregnant until I saw it on facebook, is currently in labor. What else can you do other than run it out?

I ran my best run today. It’s not much for some people, but its my best, and that’s what matters…. I did 2.5 miles straight at a 12 minute pace. It was exhilarating to breath and get alone time with me.


This is a picture I took of my halfway point — Nothing but corn and sky!

I can’t describe the freedom of running when there is no one around. I get out there, I turn on my music, and I let go.  I can’t remember if I wrote about this before, but I decided to sign up for a race!!!!  I am doing the Firefly 5K race downtown Chicago in 2 weeks. I’m so nervous, but it’s been helping me keep focused on something other than my uterus.

So when my husband left, I was right about 192 lbs (yikes I know). The scale showed 176 today! I was in pure bliss. My husband thought I looked so good when I went to visit him this weekend, that he is buying himself a pair of running shoes this weekend and going to try it out himself. Not only because I looked good, but he hears me yammer on about how much fun my run was….and they usually are – of coarse, as they saying goes, the ‘the hardest step is the one out the door’. I had 1 million excuses for not running today….. but I did it!

I’m not going to yammer on about this all night, but I wanted to share, because this has really been helping me, and maybe it would be fun for a couple of us girls going through this hellacious infertility pain month after month, and focus on something else like running a race, (the Firefly is in a bunch of City’s around the US) or setting goals for each other….or even a book club – but for Godsakes, we need a distraction!

That is actually all I’ve got tonight. I just got back from the run, and I feel…. okay… which is 90% than I have felt the last couple of weeks.

Let me know if any of you ladies out there wants to be blogging/running buddies – no matter where in the world you are, we can prepare for a 5K together!

“There will be a day when I no longer can run — today is not that day”

Till then,

Mrs. M

17 thoughts on “A Change of Pace

  1. Looks like you found a very peaceful and wonderful place to run and just escape it all. It is a great feeling when you accomplish a goal you set for yourself…good luck with the race! I wish I could participate in a race, but I don’t do crowds and there are just too many people at a race…I know I’m a little crazy – lol. So I just keep working on my own progress and I know that I keep improving. Congratulations on the weight loss too…keep up the great work! It took me about 3 years but I lost 40lbs and have been able to keep it off. I actually weigh less now than when I met my husband 😉 I know you are on the right track (no pun intended). There really is nothing in your control about all of the pregnant women in your life…the only thing you can control is how you react. And like everything else, you are going to have some good days and some bad days…that really is just the way it is. So when you are having one of those bad days don’t beat yourself up, because you are not to blame! Just try to focus on the positive and all the good changes you are making in your life. And as far as book clubs are concerned…sign me up! – lol. I am addicted to Goodreads and there are sooo many books I want to read but I don’t have the time to read them all, but I keep plugging away on my to be read list 🙂 Let me know if you come across something you just couldn’t put down.

    • oh I shall! I don’t know what you like, but I just finished a trilogy by Lauren Oliver. The first book was called “Delirium” … It was SO good! She just came out with the third and final book this past march, so all three books are fresh at the store!
      As always, thank you for your lovely support and kind words!

      • I read Delirium too! It was really good. I haven’t read the second one yet. I started reading the Divergent series by Veronica Roth and I cannot put them down. The third book doesn’t come out until Oct. though so I am gonna be bummed when I finish the second book. Also, Jennifer L. Armentrout has a great series – The Lux series. The last one comes out on Tues. I am so excited for that one – lol. At least we have something else to talk about too – lol 😉

      • oh, the second and the third book are SO good! I encourage them….even better than the first. I love it because she keeps you going each book, and you don’t get burned out. I am readying the Outlander series — they are SUPER long, and good, but I am on the second book and the middle of it seems to drag, but I am hoping I will get through it and pick it up again. Have you heard of them? I think there are 8 books in all now, but I heard they are all really great!

        and yes, thank goodness, there is something else to chat about to keep our minds off sulking! (for me at least)

      • I have heard of the Outlander series. One of the girls at my work was reading them and she thought I would really like them too, but I haven’t gotten around to reading them yet…probably because I know they will be a big commitment – lol. I know they are long and there are quite a few of them and once I start reading them I am sure I will want to read the whole series. There are just too many books on TBR list right now and I wish I had more time in the day to read. If you come across a really great find…please be sure to share it with me 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your longest run ever and good luck on your race! I’ve always admired runners, I can’t run to save my life. I was a swimmer for 11 years, so I apparently do better in water than on dry land.

    • Fair enough! I can’t swim for the life of me, I think I take on more water then I do air, but I admire swimmers — it looks like so much more fun than running :)!

  3. Such a pretty pic. def reminds me of when i lived in Illinois. I’m so glad running is making u feel better and get healthier. and that ur encouraging the hubs! That’s awesome too. Keep it up. run extra for me. i have a dislocated hip today. owww!!! Don’t know how i managed that lol.

  4. Congrats. I too have signed up for my very first 5k and I have PCOS. I’ve lost 34 lbs since I started eating better and running. I’m doing the color dash in Wisconsin on Sept 29. I talk about running on my blog. Consider my support given! Keep it up! You’re doing awesome!

    • Fun! My best friend lives in Wisconsin, and we too, have talked about doing the color run! That sounds super fun! Congrats on the weight loss — I definitely am feeling much better, and it’s helped take my mind of everything else. Good luck on your race!!!

  5. Awesome! Way to go! Every time I read a story like this, it makes me want to run, even though I hate it and it makes my knees sore and I’m allergic to outside.

  6. They say things come in threes, right? So hopefully you’ll have some peace for a while. Way to go on the health/weightloss front! That really encourages me. I used to weight 165 and over the last two years I gained almost 30 lbs (*gulp*). Keep up the good work!

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