Day 3 of Acceptance

I came across this blog, and it really resonated with me, so I HAD to share! So please, for those still trying and for those that are ready to move on, I really do encourage you to read this!

“With increasing trepidation, I realized my body wasn’t operating as advertised. Month after month, my self-esteem eroded. Hopeful at the beginning of each cycle, I’d regress with the bloody reminder of my failure. The primal urge to procreate grew stronger as the months slipped away, driving me to seek out any and all knowledge available – alternating between Eastern and (more expensive) Western medicine in a frenzied attempt to fix what was broken.”


“Today, birth announcements or photos of newly pregnant, aging celebrities in the supermarket checkout stand no longer evoke envy or anger. I’ve learned to appreciate my body, my life, and my relationships in a new light. Still there’s awkwardness when meeting people with children for the first time, who routinely inquire if we have any of our own (where to begin?) or when hanging out with friends who chat about the challenges of raising a family. For my part, I tread lightly in our newfound joy and our life lived without the limitations they face so as not to appear indifferent to their struggles and the demands on their time.”

“My husband and I continue to push forward, to shape and define a life outside the beaten path. We challenge each other to uncover new possibilities, to seek new adventures and discoveries that will enrich our understanding of the world and our place in it. That’s what we would have encouraged our children to do.”   Read More on Accepting Childlessness after Infertility 





One thought on “Day 3 of Acceptance

  1. Whenever I feel tired and think ‘I can’t push on. This is taking up too much of my life. I want to give in’ – I always wonder ‘Do I not want this bad enough?’ just as she wrote in her article.

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