Dawn’s first light

Life on the Rocks

Oh my poor blog! I feel like I have neglected it so. For months/years this blog was my lifeline to get me through the worst of times…now that I am going through the best of times, I feel like it fell to the waist side, and I sort of miss it. I don’t miss logging on  and having tear-soaked cheeks as I feverishly wrote down every pang going through me. No, things have changed since last year. Months have gone by since my last round of Chlomid. The doctor has been ringing, questions have been asked, and “ignore” has been pressed.

Life changesMy life has changed. As we get older, more and more does the once-dreaded question of “Do you have any kids” arises. I have no problems telling people that we do not. There is no pain, no anger, no distress– just a simple “We do not”. Who would have…

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