Coconut Oil and ACV

I thought this was a great post. I was reading a lot about coconut oil, since I gave up dairy in September. I just thought I’d pass it along for any ladies TTC, who haven’t’ given up dairy yet. It’s actually quite incredible, how giving up something, as simple and wheat or dairy, can change so much. I use to have a flushed face all the time, and one day my gf at work told me her sister had the same issues – 10 days off dairy and she was clear skinned. So I tired it- and don’t ever want to go back. It sounds hard, and it is hard, but for the most part- nothing really dairy is good for you, that you can’t find in an Almond alternative…which Almond milk has more vitamins and calcium that cows milk.

I also wanted to share a link on Apple Cider Vinegar. I know us ladies, when TTC, it feels (more than feels, it quite accurate to confirm) that we have read every possible solution to help treat infertility- especially when the doctor tells you it ‘unexplained infertility’. ¬†Being told you have “unexplained infertility” was like¬†hearing him say, “You are working fine- apparently a baby just doesn’t think you’re good enough”.

Anyway, if you haven’t already Apple Cider Vinegar (in the raw), is so good for you. It helps loose weight, clears up your skin, and allows you to change your diet for the better, if you are finding it more difficult to eat healthy after being addicted to holiday foods the last few months.

Anyway, I was reading some articles today, and wanted to pass it along, for anyone who hasn’t tried these alternatives.