It’s not you, it’s me…

Ladies, I’ll write more tomorrow, but in the mean time I want ALL of my fellow TTC Bloggers to Google “adrenal fatigue and infertility” and read about it!

If you don’t have time to google, then click on just a couple links I found, that could be life changing for many of you….. maybe I am a hypochondriac, but this made the most sense ever, so I self diagnosed myself, and am making changes pronto to my lifestyle…. Did you know Adrenal Fatigue lowers progesterone levels?!….Even if I am wrong, at least changing life habits for the better, can’t hurt right?!

Till then,
Mrs. M

2 thoughts on “It’s not you, it’s me…

  1. Great post – so important for all women ttc! I found out a few months back that caffeine stimulates the adrenals constantly and I barely touch it now (I’ve even given up chocolate because of it!). Hope you get a bfp soon.

    • Thank you! I feel the same! I feel 100% sure that this is the reason i haven’t had any luck, it all makes sense…i checked out fine at the Dr….but had a low progerone level, but not PCOS, so I am working really at getting back to my health! and hopefully when the hubs comes back home in 4 months, I will have this all under control and it will be baby-go-time!

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